Reid Faylor

Illustrator, writer, comedian, sensitive young man.

Writing Portfolio

I've written for Fisher-Price, WagTV, Post Everything Productions, and among others. Content includes: screenplays, toy scripts, humor, essay, young adult fiction, short stories, and treatments.

ALBY: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Alby: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story, is a story I was commissioned to write and illustrate for, comprising 102 chapters released weekly. Readers had the option to vote on character choices and plot development.

Just Stuff Me in a Locker Already: a Guide to High School

Just Stuff Me in a Locker Already is a guide to high school I wrote and illustrated for a publishing endeavor of Barnes & Noble. Humorous in tone, the book was written to help new students prepare for the upcoming challenges of secondary education.

Ask Auntie Steinbeck

"Ask Auntie Steinbeck" is a humorous advice column I wrote for, in which a reader's dilemma is "answered" in a long-winded, elaborate metaphor, written in the style of John Steinbeck.

Bunker Buddies Script and Treatment

Bunker Buddies is a television pilot I wrote for Post Everything Productions, about a sci-fi children's show for an ill-fated planetary colony. Also included is the treatment used to pitch the show.

Internet History

"Internet History" is a short sketch I wrote that was among the six winners chosen for the 2014 NBC New Talent Showcase. The sketch was directed and performed for industry in both the NY and LA NBC New Talent Showcases.

You Don't Need to Feel This Way

"You Don't Need to Feel This Way" is a personal essay I wrote and illustrated for about living with depression.

Glenn the Space Therapist

Glenn the Space Therapist: A Tale of Existential Woe is a young adult novel I wrote about an apprentice therapist in a sci-fi future helping new sentient lifeforms with emotional problems.

Was Mona Lisa a Fella?

"Was Mona Lisa a Fella?" is a humorous educational video I wrote, produced, and hosted for WagTV's web division, Fizzl. To see the actual video, view it here.

Goats and Sheep

"Goats and Sheep" is a short story I wrote for the upcoming short story podcast, The Story Must Be Told. It depicts a humorous vision of the Last Judgment, in which the virtuous sheep don't end up much better off than the sinful goats.